rosalyn virginia: ten months

Time is slipping away so fast and we’re slipping away with it. So here we are, a week from turning eleven months and trying to squeak out a ten month photo series. Taken with a phone. At dinner. Tonight. Forgive me, future Rosalyn who is reading this. You’re a bit of a wild child and I love you for it.

 It is an appropriate theme, however. Because ten months was all about the food. She was RAVENOUS out of nowhere and has begun eating three full meals + snacks almost every day. It’s been so much fun but also added another element of chaos to our days. I used to be able to just nurse her every night and worry about our dinner after her bedtime. Now we’re forced to create a new routine that includes family dinner before bed. All in all, not a bad problem to have.

Ten months has also brought a few new things: lots of walking, learning sippy cups, and 1-2 naps a day. All of this means? Someone is graduating to the Junior Toddler room at daycare soon! As of right now she still eats and sleeps with the infants but takes a little across-the-hall field trip to the one year olds for playtime.

 And all the little babies rejoiced because Ros has become a bit of a bruiser with the younger babes. Biting, sitting on, pacifier stealing. Yup, she’s a total sweetheart. One day she came home with a scratch on the back of her neck. I have this vision of the babies plotting a mutiny and devising a complicated plan to exact revenge on the reigning tyrant Ros. One baby distracts the teacher while three others tackle Rosalyn to the ground, barely leaving a mark before having to abort mission.

 She turned her bib into a cape and then styled her hair with some avocado. She turns eleven months soon. And then a year. I couldn’t be more excited for her.

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