rosalyn virginia: nine months


Nine months was a great age for a first Christmas. Too young to understand it’s a holiday, but old enough to relish in the attention and brightly colored paper strewn about. She had an amazing time at each family gathering. The first ten to twenty minutes are reserved for quiet observation, always. And once she has decided, “Okay yes, this is nice and I like these people,” she opens up and babbles happily for the rest of the afternoon.


So many times throughout the holiday season a friend or relative would say to me, “She’s such a sweet girl,” “Such a sweet personality,” “What a sweet heart she is.” It’s true. She is so sweet. But I just have to chuckle when someone makes that observation because this kid has the propensity to light a thousands flames with her fire. I joke with Andrew that she was the inspiration for those Sour Patch Kid commercials – sour, then sweet. She takes after her Aunt Shelby in that regard. She is Andrew’s twin, but sometimes she’ll pull a Shelby face and I’ll wonder if I’m raising a tiny version of my sister.


Time for stats! At her nine month check-up (an appointment sandwiched between two other appointments for pink-eye and a cold, ugh) she measured at 28 inches and 17.5 pounds. Andrew was the one who took her in, so he texted me her percentiles: 75% for height, 33% for weight. Um, what? I’m fairly certain my immediate reaction was something along the lines of, “What kind of chubby ass babies are they using for their measuring stick??” I mean, have you seen those thighs I’ve made? Later on our Pink Eye Princess stayed home for Nana daycare and I received a candid baby photo with no less than three chins along with the caption, “Tragically underweight.” She is delicious.


No steps over here just yet. She loves to stand but she’s never been much for stillness. She is lightning fast while crawling & cruising; I think the pause required for taking timid steps may be asking too much of a girl always on the move. But it wouldn’t surprise me if tomorrow I look over my shoulder and find her running full speed for her beloved dog food.


3 thoughts on “rosalyn virginia: nine months

  1. Remember percentages for height and weight are averages and not ideals. My health nurse likes to make me feel bad cos our height and weight lines don’t match up.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that! There are SO many variables. They’re measuring wriggly little babies, a lot of difference could be chalked up to something as simple as a not very accurate measurement due to a squirmy little one. I’m sure your babe is just fine!

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