rosalyn virginia: six months

IMG_0178-1Well, here we are. My baby is officially closer to being a toddler than she is to her newbornhood. And every day that passes takes us miles and miles further from it. This is a concept that is leaving me baffled right now. This is the first milestone to really drive home for me the finality of each day that is done. While she clearly aged in months one through five, they still felt so close to that brand newness. We were just inching along and now we’re barreling down the highway at break neck speeds.

No, I do not know where she gets her flair for dramatics.

IMG_0179-1The amount of things she’s learned in the past week alone are incredible. In the span of FIVE days she learned how to pull herself up to sitting from laying down, stand on hands & knees, crawl & wriggle & roll to get to that super interesting object across the room, and pull herself up using the crib rails/coffee table/whatever is available. I barely recognize this baby. My baby last week couldn’t do any of this.

IMG_0184-1We are in serious trouble.

IMG_0236-1She loves to plank and push her tush into the air a la downward facing dog. Hell yeah for baby yogis!


IMG_0206-1Things that have not changed? She is still a world class screamer at the drop of a hat (albeit a lot less often, THANK GOD). The amount of drool she produces could still lubricate Slip-n-Slides across the globe. Her laugh is still stupidly delicious. She still has the best eyebrows. And sleep? Don’t ask. Bring Starbucks.


IMG_0194-1Her six month clothes are getting a bit too short so we’ve brought out her nine month things. And yet newborn shoes still fall off of her feet. It’s good to know that inconsistent sizing starts early. Welcome to being a lady, Ros.

IMG_0197-1Robin is not a fan of this newly mobile child and wisely keeps her distance. Rosalyn has not gotten this memo and is completely fascinated with her dog. It’s amusing to watch her as she watches Robin. Even more so to watch her as she watches dogs that look nothing like Robin. I think she doubts that they could possibly be the same creature. Dogs are white with sausage bodies and long, lean ballerina legs. Everything else must be a different animal entirely? Sorry, every other dog. Rosalyn has deemed it so.

IMG_0220-1God was smart not to place time in our hands. Slow down in this way, speed up in that. Stay my baby but do not need me as much. It’s not possible. And it shouldn’t be. She does things exactly when she means to, how she means to. I’m lucky enough to be along for the ride.

IMG_0212-1Lucky, indeed.

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