rosalyn virginia: five months

IMG_0001-1We still aren’t sleeping.

But, whatever. I’m totally fine and it doesn’t phase me at all. *eye twitch*

IMG_0005-1This kid is sitting up now. But still falling over sometimes and its never not hilarious. Sorry, darling.

IMG_0008-1She has two baby chompers on the bottom and enjoys testing them out on her footsies. (Apparently when you have a child you never use the correct word for things ever again.) And her toys. And her blankets. And my hands. And my face. Everything is a boob to this child.




IMG_0032-1She no longer just looks at me but really observes what I’m doing. It’s incredible to see her face and watch her process what is happening in front of her. She’s already taking notes. Time to clean up my act so she doesn’t pick up my bad habits! (Nah.)


IMG_0053-1 The best part of my day is 4:45pm when I’m walking into her room at daycare. Yesterday, I swooped her up and OH MY GOD she put her arms around me! She gave me a HUG. Our physical interaction went from, “Ah yes, delighted to see you caretaker. Now would you please remove your top?” to “Mom! I missed you…”

IMG_0056-1“…Now would you please remove your top?”


IMG_0072-1She lives in the extremes. Loud, bright, ecstatic, jazzed. Quiet, brooding, watchful, still. She is equal parts her father and me, mixed up into her own concoction.




IMG_0105-1That is so my face.

IMG_9984-1And that is so Andy’s.


IMG_9997-1Happy five months, ya crazy. I wouldn’t trade ya for the whole world.

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