the village

It takes a village. 

I thought that was about the kid. It’s not.

It’s about me.

It takes a village to raise me. To make sure I’m clothed and safe. To soothe me when I cry. To entertain me and teach me new things.

I’m a baby mother, brand new. I can’t sleep, and have trouble feeding myself. Someone should probably keep an eye on me lest I do something incredibly dangerous. I have muscles that need to be stretched and worked but I can’t do it on my own just yet.

My world is actually really quite small but seems enormous to me. Insurmountable at times. It is harsh and scary and bright and loud. Please do not leave me alone in the dark.

I have wants and needs that stretch miles long and I don’t even understand them or know what to ask for. I only know when something is wrong or when things are right & good. I will get angry and upset when you don’t understand my indecipherable cries.

I’ll get there though, I promise. Just stick with me a little while longer and then a bit more and soon I’ll surprise both of us at how far I’ve come. My steps are wobbly and unsure but a touch daring, too. And it wasn’t long ago that I could barely stand.

It is a task, taking care of me. Please do it anyway. Teach this woman to fish and I’ll turn around and feed my own forever. The next generation of village.

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4 thoughts on “the village

  1. What a sweet post. Your baby is absolutely beautiful and perfect! Thank you for sharing this and reminding me to enjoy the little moments with my son. I loved reading this and I look forward to reading more! Keep writing, mama!

  2. I didn’t say anything when you originally posted this (in a hilariously ironic note, because I’ve been up to my own elbows trying to hold our house together, haha) but this is such a beautiful post – this and your newest post on marriage. So wonderfully true.

    I’m really enjoying going through early motherhood with your blog to read! Hams stick together.

    1. Can we laugh at the continued irony of me not responding to this the day you posted it because work is such a shitshow right now? You feel me, I know you do. So glad to have you in this.

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