rosalyn virginia: four months


“For the blog, Rosalyn. For the blog.”

IMG_9729-1Yesterday afternoon I took around 195 photos (aren’t you glad you aren’t my daughter?) and looking through them today I found the overwhelming majority weren’t even in focus. At first I was angry but quickly realized it was an apt metaphor for our lives right now. So let’s roll with it.


IMG_9783-1If you follow me on any social media then you already know how much we’re struggling with sleep right now. No worries, nothing has changed since my last status update. So I’ll move right along and try to finish this up before I collapse onto the keyboard.





IMG_9756-1Rosalyn has learned SO many new things. We are grabbing and mashing and rolling and chewing and squealing and juuuuuust barely trying to sit while leaning forward. She is a genius. I spend every day telling her so and I’m 100% certain that won’t bite me in the ass later when she doesn’t feel like she has to study or do homework (sound familiar, Mom?).


IMG_9789-1As a newborn she was like an animal — all raw instinct and hunger. Somewhere along the way a switch flipped and she became a real person. She was previously just figuring out how to exist and now we are well on our way to learning how to be an actual human. It is fascinating to watch. She interacts with not just me anymore, but with other people and the world around her. She loves to watch Robin move around the house, still figuring out what she is. She loves playing games. She loves watching us eat at the dinner table every night. She starts daycare next week and I am really excited to see her meet new people and other babies. I was worried about the transition back to working full time but I’ve settled into nicely and think it was the right decision for us in this moment. We might revisit this later if we decide to add to the litter. But Rosalyn has taught me that all that matters is right now. And right now is good. (Albeit a bit sleepy.)



IMG_9787-1This girl’s eyes are STILL a mystery. Some lighting shows green, some lighting shows blue, some lighting I see a tinge of brown. She cares not at all that I’ve been waiting on pins & needles to find out since the day she was born. Rude. You know what isn’t a mystery? Those eyebrows. Those are her father’s alllllll the way.

IMG_9913-1Happy four months, Rosalyn Virginia. You are the light of my life.

IMG_9884-1Don’t mind me, I’m just over here practically being a toddler already.

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