our weekend

This weekend was really, really good and it was just what I needed. The previous week was hard. There were a few things that didn’t go right and got under my skin, working nights did not jive with the baby’s schedule at ALL, and overall I was feeling pretty rundown. I needed a pick-me-up something bad and thankfully I got that.

Right now, Rosalyn sleeps her longest stretch of the night in her bassinet next to us. After that her sleep can be a bit restless so she moves into our bed so we can nurse and fall right back asleep. It’s a balance that works well for us; I get some hours of rest by myself and then when she joins us we all get much more sleep than we would have by trying to put her back down in the bassinet only to wake up again in forty-five minutes. Saturday morning when she was ready to wake up for the day, Andrew offered to take her downstairs so I could try and get a little more sleep after a rough week. I suppose I was even more worn out than I thought because he was able to put her down for her first nap in the bassinet AND get her after she woke up without me even stirring. I’ve been struggling with being able to fall asleep lately so I only slept for about an hour and a half but it. was. GLORIOUS. And I woke up feeling so much better and so grateful to my husband. Rosalyn got even more dad-time as I went out to get a haircut. All three of us loved it.


image2The main event was lunch with my dear friends Pearl and Kenny as they got to meet Ros. They both recently graduated with their Masters and it made me realize that our college years are a little further behind us than I realized. I know everyone says it, but its true: it still feels like yesterday that we were getting into shenanigans like crashing a dog’s birthday party in New Orleans. I actually still had a portfolio of Kenny’s and Pearl had a stack of my photographs that we exchanged and it felt a little bittersweet. That part of my life is over.




image6Sunday we broke in the new baby jumparoo and it was THE most adorable thing you’ve ever seen. She looks so grown, what happened to my tiny tree frog? After grocery shopping and an impromptu the-baby-is-still-asleep-in-her-ergo-what-do-we-do froyo date my sister came over and we took our crew to the pool. It was Rosalyn’s second time and we stayed in the water quite a bit longer than the first. While she has an apprehensive look on her face, she never cries (and believe me, she doesn’t ever shy away from crying..) so I’m going to interpret that as her enjoying the water, if you don’t mind.




image11This week I begin my longterm daytime schedule and I am thrilled! I worked the second shift for about two years and before that I had a series of odd jobs, all of which had strange hours such as beginning my day at 4:00am or not heading home until 2:30am. Last night Andy and I were cooking dinner with Ros hanging out in her jumper in the kitchen and I just about cried from happiness. That moment was exactly what I wanted.


4 thoughts on “our weekend

    1. It’s just as fabulous/strange as it sounds. We were walking around downtown NOLA before hitting up Bourbon St for the typical Bourbon St stuff and ended up finding a sign in front of a tiny bar that said “PUPPY PARTY” with balloons. Needless to say we spent several hours there celebrating with these strangers. I still have my photo taken with the guest of honor. By the end of the night a large portion of the patrons thought I was the dog’s owner ha.

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