rosalyn virginia: two months

Yupp, it’s official.

IMG_9618-1I’m one of them. A mommy blogger.

IMG_9620-1Honestly though, if you didn’t see this coming from a mile away then I think the blame rests solely on your shoulders. Let’s look at some more pictures of my kid, shall we?

IMG_9629-1This ridiculous cuteness is courtesy of her “Uncle” Chris and “Aunt” Mekensey, our BFFs in Florida (and Disney employees, if you couldn’t guess). After taking her one month photos I decided to set this outfit aside for month number two and its a good thing I did because she just baaaaarely still fits. So I’m glad the adorable has been immortalized on this blog before joining the ever growing pile of too small clothing. Insert gratuitous tears and a chorus of, “but how?!” here.

IMG_9642-1Hats. This outfit came with an equally adorable hat featuring tiny Minnie ears. Alas, her head still drowns in the number of hats we’ve accumulated. It makes me wonder what kind of giant headed infant the ensemble was originally designed for. Granted, her head has consistently been in the 50-something percentile while the rest of her lands somewhere around 80-90%, but still. I refuse to believe my perfect angel baby is disproportionate. She is a perfect angel, after all.

IMG_9644-1Month two has brought joy and lots of it. Smiles everyday and (don’t you say it, don’t you dare say it out loud) better sleep (DAMNIT RACHEL WHY). While we certainly aren’t clear of challenges and frustrations (because frankly that just isn’t possible and isn’t a finish line that we should waste our hopes on), we have settled into what our new life looks like and we kind of love it.

IMG_9651-1Month two has also brought poop and lots of it. Poop so impressive that I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve texted photos to my husband and I can almost guarantee he felt a bit proud on that receiving end. My mom mentioned “poop” being her first word and I lit myself on fire and died in the flames. Of course it will be. That is JUST the sort of thing that would happen to me. Please, baby girl. Please. Not poop. Think of your mother.


This girl is 0-to-60, letmetellyou. Maybe even 0-to-100. People may think I’m exaggerating and then they see it in action and it’s like, “Whoa. Yeah, ok. You weren’t lying.” Her face says, “I HAVEN’T EATEN IN YEARS YOU WRETCHED WOMAN,” and her legs are all, “Um, actually you ate an hour ago but yeah I could go for some more.” A passerby would mistake me for a cold-hearted lady, but they’d be wrong (ok, ok, half wrong). When you have a child THIS over the top you just have to shake your head and sometimes even laugh at her a tiny bit. I might need to rein that in before she becomes cognizant. It’s one of those hindsight moments where everything makes sense, this everything being why exactly I was the middle child to two loud & dramatic bookend siblings. The flashes of resemblance her face has to theirs sometimes makes it all the more amusing. If I survived them that has to count for something in my bag of parental tools, right? Just kidding, you guys! I totally don’t see our childhood as something I had to “survive”! (Read: not kidding at all.)

IMG_9631-1I’m sitting in a Starbucks while writing this. Enjoying some time alone while Papa Bear enjoys(?) some time solo parenting. I’ve only been here for about half an hour and I’m already checking my phone and wondering just how soon is too soon to drive back home? Half an hour is too soon, right? Yes. Yes, it is. I think I’ll rediscover the internet outside of BabyCenter now. Are cat memes still a thing?


IMG_9663-1Tummy time is for chumps. Feed me again.

2 thoughts on “rosalyn virginia: two months

  1. Aw, she’s getting so big so fast! I tink I forgot how much they change between one month and two. That’s when they start chunking up. Tummy time is the worst – and then the best, one day it’s just a magic switch. And I maintain that first babies are made to be little trap-babies – they trick you into having more!

    She’s a sweetheart. I have a snow white outfit like that that I never got Audra in before she outgrew it… I wonder if it’s 3 -6 months. If it is, maybe I should send it to you!

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