37 weeks

Come Tuesday I will reach the point where if labor begins then there won’t be anything done to stop it — we’ll just let her come as she may. As the midwife listened to her heartbeat with the Doppler at our appointment last week, I tried to think back to the last time this process made my own heart race. It’s been awhile; her kicking and rolling have served as my sigh of relief since they became daily, now hourly, occurrences. I felt almost nostalgic about those early appointments. Similar to when you find a middle school portrait and just wanna wrap that you in a hug and say, “Its all going to be ok. You’re going to make it through this.”

The tail end of week 36 brought with it a nasty head cold that I will do my best to not whine too much about. Well, not my BEST best. Because I think there may be actual legislation that dictates women in their last month of pregnancy get all the whining and brownies they want. No? You should double check because I could’ve sworn…

I was fortunate enough to get my Friday covered at work so I could get a head start on beating this thing. And thank goodness I did because damn does asthma complicate things. What the hell, lungs? The lovely Spring-like temps served as a bright spot though, and we managed to get out into the fresh air for a few hours each day to run small errands here and there (in yoga pants of course because those are also included in the Month Nine legislation). Sunday, we grabbed lunch at Chipotle (sofritas salad, yes please) before grocery shopping. I slid into the booth and attempted to adjust the table because there was barely any room for the sizable bump on my front. Clearly the previous occupants had shifted the table during their stay! Except, uh, nope. Those tables are bolted to the floor, Rachel. Your midsection is just THAT big now. Impressive.


This weekend also brought a lot of cleaning and organizing in the house. I had written up a list of all the random, junky, forgotten spaces that should probably be paid attention to before the newborn haze destroys any hope of deep cleaning for a long time. I figured there was no way we’d complete everything, but if we could tackle a few of them and make a fair dent that would be great! I underestimated the baby daddy nesting instinct; Andrew has up and finished that whole damn list! I’m currently researching a way to bottle this up and will let y’all know when I’m ready to go to market.

I could very well still be pregnant a month from now, or she could be here this week. I read this quote somewhere and it’s awfully fitting: “Waiting for a baby is like picking up someone from the airport but you don’t know who they are or what time their flight comes in.” The ball is in your court, Ros. Always has been, really. You’ve got a completed (and freakin’ cute, if I do say so myself) nursery and two very excited & anxious parents here waiting for you. We’re ready when you are!

6 thoughts on “37 weeks

  1. <3 Your belly is absolutely adorable! #pregnantproblems should be your month 9 tag. ^_^
    And I am so excited to meet Ros! I'm pre-warning you (and pre-apologizing) now that you may grow to hate me as I bother you timidly, but constantly, that first week or two to come see her. <3

  2. Being that late in the pregnancy for me was, like, I was just done. Once I hit the “if she comes, we’ll let her” I was basically just sitting around willing that baby to COME OUT ALREADY. Of course I was on bedrest right about then, which makes for some boring times let me tell you.

    Have you accidentally closed cabinets and the fridge and whatnot with that belly yet? I did all the time at the end…

    1. A couple of nights ago I was asleep on one side and woke up to switch. But instead of rolling over on my back as usual, my half asleep brain made me try to flip through face down?? I woke up fully mid-flip with the realization that I couldn’t lift my upper body up high enough to give my belly clearance to the other side. It was an embarrassing moment trying to decide if I should wake up Andrew to help me get unstuck like a turtle on its shell. Sleeping on my stomach is in my top 5 “can’t wait to do again” list.

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