bump photos

I tried my hand at some DIY maternity photos and it was a semi-success! I only say semi because a photographer working with a tripod and remote just can’t produce the same work as a photographer free to interact with and react to her subjects. Overall though, I’m pleased with the finished photos! I just wanted a handful of print-worthy photos to hang with our engagement and wedding ones. That is, whenever I get around to actually printing any of those…

We used the vein of granite by my parents’ property as the backdrop and the blanket you see in a couple of shots is a family heirloom on my dad’s side. This Georgia December has been particularly warm so we didn’t have to bundle up as I had feared. We had a fun afternoon joking around as we ran back and forth from the camera, racing against a dying battery (someone please come find my charger before I get hysterical). My Canon was a trooper and held on until I attempted to look through the photos at the very end – win!
















If anyone has discovered the secret to keeping pregnant hair volume post partum then I’m allllll ears.

4 thoughts on “bump photos

  1. I love the one where you’re wrapped in the quilt together. These will be treasured photos! And about the hair… be prepared for it to fall out in large handfuls a month or two after the birth. I freaked out when that happened because I didn’t know it would happen! I thought I was going bald… :) At that point, treat yourself to a trim with a good stylist. It’ll make you feel better.

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