home: the living room

IMG_9055Is it possible to be head over heels for a room? Because our living room has me all sorts of excited right now. Come February we will have been in this house for two years, so it feels good to finally have a room (a major one, at that) that feels finished. I’ve been slowly adding bits and bobs in here to make it feel more complete, but it was the painting of the accent wall (‘Nautical Sea’ by Behr) that brought it all together and gave me one last push to organize everything how I wanted/Andrew agreed with.

IMG_9058My mom and I found these trunks at a yard sale maybe 7-8 years ago and now they store all my high school and college memorabilia (AKA crap my dad didn’t want cluttering up their house anymore – SORRY I HAVE HUNDREDS OF TROPHIES AND ACCOLADES DAD). Gutted stuffed animal courtesy of Robin.


IMG_9071A simple DIY project using our wedding cards to make garland, hung by the fireplace.

IMG_9072Andrew’s wedding boutonniere that’s held up surprisingly well with no effort on our part. I surprised him with a locket of his late mother to include that day so we keep it next to another photo of her on our mantle.




You’ve seen the large canvas on here before back when I found it at Good Will ($7 – score!). The smaller painting to the left is of the Blarney Castle in Ireland and was done by my grandmother as our wedding gift! She is incredibly talented and its so fun having a piece of her art in my home. The whiskey print is a new addition by my friend Bailey Wilson – click here to check out her Etsy shop and get a print of your own!

IMG_9082Aloe hanging on by a thread, vintage salt & pepper shakers that were a gift from a friend (we used them as our wedding cake topper!), and initial book found in an antique store.



I reeeeeally love how it has all come together. There are a few of your basic Target/TJ Maxx contributions like the couch pillows. But so much of it came from vintage finds or gifts from friends which makes the two year work-in-progress timeline completely worth it! It feels warm and lived in — the ultimate goal for a home in my mind. I like a nice balance between a room that is aesthetically pleasing and one in which you feel comfortable. Pretty spaces elevate the everyday, but I also want to be able to pile it full of friends, beer, and pizza without too much anxiety over my belongings. Nicely done, living room. You da best. *hearts-for-eyes emoji*

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