plant killer

For the most part, I’m a fast learner and can pick up on new things fairly easily. However, I’ve long known about myself that if something doesn’t come naturally or quickly to me I will lose interest immediately and move on (sorry about that, boys of middle school). That being said, I’m not sure if my ineptitude at plant care stems (ha!) from having a legitimate brown thumb or just losing interest in something I wasn’t instantly successful with. Either way, I don’t want to fight this battle (whoops, just answered my question).

I struggled with them for a few months in what I hope was a charming, “bless your heart”, Lennie Smalls kind of way. But I couldn’t deal with the carnage anymore. One by one the dead and dying found their way to our back yard so they could finish off their last days away from my shame.

IMG_8578-1Except that’s not what happened.

Do you see that? That would be GREEN. These bitches had the AUDACITY to thrive. Right in front of me like they don’t even care about MY feelings. I’m the bitter ex on Facebook peering out the back door, scoffing at their new, healthy relationship with the sunshine, fresh air, & rain. Whatever. I’m fine.

IMG_8599-1This aloe is still hanging on. Give it time though. Soon enough it’ll become a duct-taped parakeet à la Dumb & Dumber. Pretty bird, pretty bird.

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