house into a home

The past few weeks have been spent having drinks with friends at the pool, having drinks with friends around the fire, having drinks with friends at the pub (there’s a theme here), seeing my family (with one of those visits unfortunately taking place at the hospital), dog-sitting for my parents, photographing, exchanging living room furniture (OK, Andrew did most of that), and shopping for art/plants/antiques to fill our home. It’s been a good time, for sure.

IMG_8346-1I’m really loving the new additions to our space. With our first year of owning a home we had quite a few obstacles and life-stuff to deal with; we were elated with simply having enough between us (and a few generous family members) to come up with the basics. Into our second year I’ve begun to have the time and energy and desire to move old things around and put new things in. It’s hardly a necessity, but decorating and arranging the places I spend time in has proven to be both a relaxation and creative outlet. Not to go with the grain or anything, but Andrew has Atlanta sports coasters and is therefore pretty happy to let me do whatever else I want. I’m a fan of mixing different aesthetics (classic + mid-century + contemporary + vintage + southwestern) and its been fun to see it all come together with the random finds I’ve picked up while out & about.

IMG_8323-1Target ottoman turned plush toy treasure chest to keep track of all her friends/victims.

IMG_8325-1New succulents in a Mexican dish thrifted several years ago in my college town.

IMG_8324-1New-to-us couches from a family friend; pillows artfully arranged by dogs.

IMG_8332-1I’m kind of obsessed with the new canvas hanging in our living room. We had taken a wrong turn on our way to lunch and ended up passing by a GoodWill we had not yet been to. After pleading with Andrew’s growling stomach to let me go and peek for JUST A SECOND I SWEAR, I found this baby at the bottom of a stack of frames. I’m not sure what exactly draws me in, but I’m in love. The color palette, the all too familiar scene of half naked man in the kitchen, THAT GORGEOUS LIGHTBULB?! Its perfect and we’re perfect together. I even love the little cracks and chips in the paint. Welcome home, lovely.



IMG_8337-1On the hunt for napkin rings for this set of handkerchiefs. I’m thinking something like this?


Please notice Robin fussing in that last photo. Poor girl has three settings: blanket burrito, ripping limbs from toys, and howler monkey.

Next item on my list is to replace those chunky college craigslist side tables. Not entirely sure what I’d like to switch them out with, but definitely something smaller. Perhaps bring in some metal accents to the room?

12 thoughts on “house into a home

  1. Looking good! We still have hand me down furniture that we for sure need to up grade so I feel you there girl! Looking good though!! Those pups are such a great accent to the room! I’m sure they provide lots of snuggles too! :) I hope you find some pieces that you love!

  2. Love it! If you’re ever in Monroe, you should check out The Cotton Mill! I bought a few pieces in my apartment there. Pro tip: if you go, go in the morning. There is no AC in that building and it is STUFFY in the afternoon.

  3. When I read this last week, i totally didn’t get the House of lanister part. But now…
    Also, dogs are really good at pillow arranging.

  4. Your home is looking beautiful! As for your new side tables, I saw a post on Pinterest of how you can buy metal trash cans and spray paint them, then flip them over and tadahhh!

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