fresh air

Happy May! I love these days. These days when its a delicious balance of breezy and cool so we turn off our artificial air and open all the windows. We only get a handful of these before the humidity of Georgian summer chokes as soon as you step out the door. So let’s savor it while it lasts. Pop open this playlist and I’m feelin’ goooooood.

lmbb hedera ivyWe have two new housemates in our living quarters now. They’re pretty laid-back and are big fans of open-window livin’ so I think we’re going to get along just fine. We’re on week two of their existence and I haven’t killed anything yet! Celebration!

lmbb houseplants

lmbb yuccaOk, when I say I haven’t killed anything I’m not counting the fact that we had to return our Senecio Radicans in exchange for this Hedera Ivy …because it was dead. SHUT UP ITS NOT MY FAULT. That poor girl was DOA, I swear. I even took to Twitter asking for plant guidance and it was confirmed by the unbiased Internet. There’s no blood on my hands for this one. For once. Its true, I haven’t been the World’s Best plant owner in the past. But perfection is overrated, yeah? And it takes some serious skill to kill a SUCCULENT so just slide that trophy my way whenever you get a chance.

lmbb hedera ivy 2Now, though, I’m turning over a new leaf (so humor! such funny!). These two are here to stay. Robin has only dug the soil out of the Yucca once and I’m counting that as a win. Welcome home, babes. I promise to do my best.

lmbb hedera ivy 3(Note: If you ever feel inclined to lay on the floor to photograph your plants, don’t. Because you’ll look to your left and get a face full of dirty baseboards and without your glasses you can’t tell if its dog hair or a spider web. The answer to this is VERY important because one makes me feel lazy while the other makes me want to peel off my skin. So, don’t.)

2 thoughts on “fresh air

  1. I’ve found that buying bigger plants increases my chances of them surviving. When I buy the little guys, they seem more fragile. These look great.

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