IMG_7999-1A naturally decorated Easter egg.

Andrew and I hardly ever get both sets of parents under the same roof at the same time, so we offered to host Easter at our home this year. Scott, Summer, Chris, Lauren, and Jack were missed but we had a full house with Don, Rita, Ricky, Mom, Dad, and Shelby (+ three dogs!). I’m a fan of the quiet, but its always fun to have the place buzzing with life once in awhile. We did it potluck brunch style and had a fairly impressive spread of food! I tried my hand at quiches (tomato +broccoli and kale + garlic + mushrooms) and its safe to say they’ll be a staple in our house for awhile. So good and so simple! Be prepared to clutch your pearls though, those crusts were pre-made! Mom brought cupcakes from our favorite local bakery Sugar Kneads (they also did our wedding cake!) and Andrew dusted off the bar cart for mimosa fixin’s. Besides Robin letting us know that there were entirely too many people in HER house, we all had a great time!


IMG_7971-1The house smelled pretty incredible thanks to the contents of this pan.


IMG_8008-1I don’t know if its the Spring sunshine or the three day weekend I just had, but I’m feeling refreshed and renewed, excited for the next few months. We have several fun things on our calendar to look forward to, one being the Taking Back Sunday show later this week! There’s also a certain husband that I have a first anniversary with. (:

IMG_8016-1Part cat, part guardian, all crazy.







IMG_8056-1I hope you all had wonderful holiday weekends, hopefully filled with friends and good food!

4 thoughts on “quiches

    1. Thank you! It was indeed super delicious! So much so that we don’t even have leftovers anymore haha guess we’ll have to make some more quiche! (:

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