redmon thanksgiving in franklin, tennessee
















This past week of celebrating Thanksgiving and visiting family has left me flat-out exhausted. Every year Andrew and I make time to drive up to Tennessee around the holidays so we can see his family. We usually spend about 3 days but this time around we only had 24 hours + drive time. And yet we still managed to fit in our typical list of activities! The schedule looked something like this:

  • Drive to Tennesee
  • Visit Andrew’s grandfather and grandmother at their nursing home
  • Walk around downtown Franklin while waiting on our calzones
  • Visit aunts, uncle, and cousins
  • Visit our dear friend Rachel and meet her pup Darcy
  • Check in at our hotel and crash for six hours
  • Back to aunt’s house and score some sweet vintage tea pots from his grandmother
  • Visit Woodlawn, the cemetary where the ashes of Andrew’s lovely mother Deborah are kept
  • Head to the Vanderbilt/Wake Forest football game
  • Dinner with the in-laws and then back on the road to Georgia

So, yeah. I’m a little bit tired ;) It was wonderful seeing Rachel and all of our family though! I’m grateful we were able to squeeze in that time, even if it was only a day. This past year has seen a lot of loss on my side of the family and it’s a constant reminder to take advantage of and appreciate the time you have with loved ones.

Favorite moment of the weekend: The nursing home staff brought in Andrew’s grandfather’s dinner and he insisted that he pick up the dinner tab for everyone, just like he always did throughout his life. Such a sweet man.

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